FATAL ERROR: v8::ToLocalChecked Empty MaybeLocal.

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Hi there, I've started recently with rage mp, developing on node. Now I've got an Error when starting my server. Everything runs fine until I change something in the config.json


FATAL ERROR: v8::ToLocalChecked Empty MaybeLocal.
1: 0x5619cc4cf280 [./server]
2: 0x5619cc4cf2ce [./server]
3: 0x5619cc87f8fa [./server]
4: 0x5619cc36306d [./server]
5: 0x5619cc35eebb [./server]
6: 0x5619ccdbb3b2 [./server]
7: 0x5619ccdbc8d6 [./server]
8: 0x1e3f6cc710b

With best regards

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