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What is the maximum amount of objects manageable by the RageMP server?


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Hi there!

Question for you, since I'm not sure if I know the correct answer: What is the maximum amount of objects manageable by the RageMP server?
For clarification: I especially mean those kind of objects that are created dynamically during runtime.

My thoughts on that:
Since the NetHandle class (C#) has this signature for its constructor:

NetHandle(ushort handle, EntityType type)

Now, with this constructor we know that the maximum amount of handles is 65535 (since an ushort has an integer range of 0-65535). But what about the EntityType param? How is the EntityType to be interpreted:

It either could be this:

"A unique object handle across different EntityType's (which means that there are only 65535 objects possible to be created)"

or this:

"A local unique object handle which is unique within a single EntityType (which would be (4 * 65535; 4 because of Player, Vehicle, Object and Pickup type; see the enum below) objects possible to be created)"

public enum EntityType
    Player = 0,
    Vehicle = 1,
    Object = 2,
    Pickup = 3,
    Blip = 4,
    Checkpoint = 5,
    Marker = 6,
    Colshape = 7,
    TextLabel = 8

Or am I on the wrong way anyway? I am interested to know the technical limit. Happy discussing.


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