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I can not change the view mp.cameras.new("gameplay")


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I want to make the player look in a certain direction, but I can not do this with the 'gameplay' camera, and I do not need to create a new 'default'. How to be

this will only work with the new 'default' camera, if you use the 'gameplay' camera, you can’t set the position for viewing. Help pls

mp.events.add("setPlayerCameraInPos", (x, y, z) => {
    let newCamera = mp.cameras.new("gameplay"); // get the forwarding vector of the direction you aim with the gameplay camera as Vector3

    // newCamera.setRot(x, y, z, 2); // Does not work
    newCamera.pointAtCoord(x, y, z); // Does not work
    mp.game.cam.renderScriptCams(true, false, 0, true, false);
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