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[SOLVED] Problem with dlcpacks in 1.1


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I've updated my server version to 1.1 (removed rpfencrypt, moved dlcpacks to client_resources/game_resources/dlcpacks) and when someone is trying to connect, after loading the client resources and when starting the handshake, client crashes.

I made research and got few points.

1. If you have just 1-2-3 small and separated dlc (1 dlc per 1 rpf) - all works fine

2. If you have (for example) 50 small dlc's - you will get crashed.

3. If you have 1 dlcpack with 50 models inside - you will get crashed

4. And the most important one - in 037 all variations of dlcs works fine, you can use 50 separated dlc's, 1 big dlc or another one, and all stuff works fine. Tested with same dlc's in 037.


So, I guess that problem maybe in 1.1 update which replaces rpfencrypt stuff.

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