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Hello to whom ever decides to read this! My name is Danny I am 23 and a 3d/Digital Artist that is what I do for a living  I say that as a means to make you the reader understand where I stand in terms of knowledge in Game Development. Recently I've decided I wanted to take on a project with a few other people on RageMP but we are lacking one thing and that would be a lead scripter/developer. This is a very new project and currently we have a UI designer, Map Editor, and Map Assistant, along with someone with a understanding in scripting. We also have a few people who we trust as testers and future staff. As I do have a decent under standing of Game Developing that being said this is a different thing in many aspects and I hope whom ever we bring on the team can really be someone I and the rest of the team can look to for a better understanding of limitations and other things.

What we are looking for:

We honestly need someone who is dedicated like we are to the experience we are trying to accomplish along with someone who thrives to push their self. We want someone chill, funny, good company, and someone who has ideas and isn't afraid to put them out there. We want to make this dream come true and someone who can polish or even come up with ideas is always appreciated.

The Plan:

This project is a big one and we know that, we have no intention to rush it at all. We have phases planned and small steps we want to take to ensure the core systems are in play before anything else. We the current developers are all people who play the game-mode we wish to improve and are long term experienced in the game-mode and how it should be but we really want to all shoot opinions out and perfect it together. 


The game mode we are trying to make would be Serious-RP and the things we want to alter would be discussed later on if you decide to get in contact, along with that I will also be showing you the capability of the UI we can have implemented and created for the server and I say this with full honesty I myself think you will see the potential for the server in the UI alone.

Contact Info:

Discord: PartRust#2604

RageMP: GhostDev


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