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[ENG] [VOICE/TEXT] Old School Roleplay


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What is OS-RP

Old School Roleplay prides itself as a unique setting in and among the large number of roleplay servers readily available within the  RageMP community, where many players may often struggle to find a suitable server to fit in and call home. Especially when there are a number of large player based servers who often fail to provide its player base with the necessary support and encouragement that many players crave in order to truly enjoy their free time online.  Here, we encourage creativity. This is what makes Old School Roleplay different from the rest, our love for giving you a canvas to be as creative as you want to be without any hassle. With a highly experienced, dedicated staff team and a friendly, reasonably mature group of players, new users can join us with confidence, knowing that they will always meet new friends and discover a new wave of creativity here at Old School Roleplay.


Our running way

Old School Roleplay enforces heavy roleplay standards with a firm, but inherently friendly approach. For players who are new to our community, we offer leniency and an opportunity to expand their creativity, thanks to our staff who are ready to assist and teach them everything they need to know in order to learn a better way. This ensures that even the newest or inexperienced players have the opportunity to create or become something big, in our world. Tired of reading the same story as to why you should join a server well it doesn't stop here. Old School Roleplay is where a community focuses on the players. Actually take their input and take it into consideration when making a decision. We are about communicating with the community and making them feel like their voice is heard. We welcome everyone and anyone to join us, the family we have formed that you can be a part of as well.



Old School Roleplay is an international roleplaying server which focuses on heavy and detailed roleplay. Our staff are professional and the main purpose of the server is to ensure that everyone has as much entertainment whilst playing with other people. Another thing we focus on is to give as many opportunities and experiences to players as possible. With that we mean that economy, systems and everything else which comes along with both mentioned before is down to the communities ideas and views on the game. Members of the staff team ensure that no rules are broken and that everyone is treated fairly, equally and with the respect and professionalism that they deserve. There are no exceptions and favoritism when it comes to rule breaking, everyone is treated on the same basis. Unlike any other server, we are trying to be unique by thinking of new styles and systems on a regular basis in order to ensure authenticity and an enjoyable atmosphere for every player.

Factions are a fundamental aspect of Old School Roleplay. We aim to reward active and high-quality factions over time with fun, beneficial, and exciting perks which will be discussed with the faction directly. Introducing our new “tiered faction” systems, active development defines the long lasting development of a faction here.  There are no limitations to what factions you can make as long as you can imagine it, which is why we welcome a whole host of unique concepts that fit within Los Santos. Cops.  Mobsters. Thugs, gangsters. Business owners, bankers, judges, lawyers.  Whatever you want to be. If you're struggling with faction ideas, we implore you to contact members of our specially designated faction management to help you come to terms with what you want.  They can help support, advise, and provide additional help DIRECTLY TO YOU, to help your faction concept come to life. Already, Old School Roleplay features a variety of legal and illegal roleplay factions for you to enjoy, which all help to provide active and high-quality roleplay within the community. Access to firearms and drugs are provided to illegal factions that prove to be active and successful. Old School Roleplay enforces medium roleplay standards with a firm, but inherently friendly approach. For players who are new to our community, we offer leniency and an opportunity to expand their creativity, thanks to our staff who are ready to assist and teach them everything they need to know in order to learn a better way.  This ensures that even the newest or inexperienced players have the opportunity to create or become something big, in our world.



There are plans for a number of different professions on Old School Roleplay. Currently we have a bunch of jobs, starting with Pizzaboy delivery, Trucker, Courier, Bank worker, Bus driver, miner and so many more!  At the start, every player is encouraged to start a business, give it a try, after receiving a bank loan through in character means.  But as far as what we have right now, these are great ways of making money in the beginning stages of developing your character.  We are actively developing new professions such as landscaping, construction companies, any type of mom and pop business you can begin to imagine.  The number of professions a player can make money with will only grow along with our playerbase.  Remember, we love creativity!


Staff Team

Old School Roleplay consists of a number of small teams that are made from players from within our community, such as developers, mappers, administrators, etc. Each team has their own role and tasks in order to make sure that every aspect of the community and server runs as smoothly as possible. Players who show a strong understanding of the community and the server, along with a genuine and courteous attitude towards players will often be invited into the staff team in order to provide their level of expertise and knowledge in helping the management of the community.  The staff in Old School Roleplay sacrifice their time and energy to make this a wonderful experience for you, the player.  However, they’re not here to tally up everything they do for you, they’re here to help, so please be as respectful as you can, and we promise that they will be nothing but the MOST respectful, back.



Old  School Roleplay is still under development, we're preparing and doing a well optimized gamemode which is going to run smoothly and give you an amazing gameplay in our server. We're all open-mind when it comes to critics, server opinion/feedback and suggestions, we're user friendly, which means we're up to point and do what players would like to see depending on the servers good of course.

  • Faction System
    We have developed two types of factions which are legal and illegal factions.
    Legal factions are basically the Government factions, starting from the Government itself, Juidical, PD, FIB, IIA, Army, MD and DOC. There's plenty features done for each faction and each faction will have privileges to different features depending on the type they are.
    Illegal factions are basically gangs, there are two types of illegal faction, street gang and mafias. Both types allow you to do amazing things legaly and illegaly, for example if you are handling a mafia gang type you will have ability to features such as drug creating/controlling, weapon crafting/crates factories and different missions, we point to make street gangs have deal with Mafias which will get them the illegal items however that's totally up to players.
    There's plenty features for street gangs too, like turf wars, drug zones, drug planting, robberies and so many more.
    Additional Companies: Additional Companies are more likely a faction but not a faction, they are player made which mean technically they work as factions, having a Company gives you ability to give loans, have a crew, create jobs for players and build your empire!

  • Economy system.
    The economy system is going to be stable, and with stable I mean that we won't be spawning money whenever you get paid for a job or a paycheck, basically we're going to circulate the taxes which you as a player will pay and they will be used to fund Government factions and city jobs. The more you get paid the more taxes you will have to pay however there are 'illegal' ways to avoid this but that can get you in trouble. You know.

  • Scripted Jobs
    We have scripted plenty jobs around the city and the map. Starting with Pizzaboy Delivery, Courier, GoPostal, Miner, Trucker, Bank worker, Bus driver and so many more coming! Each job has its own skill level, the more you work the more skill you will get and the higher skill you have the more money you will receive by doing the job.

  • Player Assets
    As you know unlike any other server we won't restrict player items, however we do have a VIP system which generally gives you some advantage in game but in OOC matters, like we won't be having a VIP system where you IC jail time will be reduced, what's that?. Anyway.
    We do have a level and experience system, the more you play the more experience you will get and this is how you will level up. By levelling up you will receive upgrade points which you can use them to upgrade your assets such as properties slot, labor, Inventory and Trader. Each asset has its own advantage, your default properties slot is one house, business, garage and warehouse. By upgrading your properties you will get more slots to own more properties. And so on.

  • Vehicle system
    As a new player you will have three vehicle slots, which means you cannot purchase any more unless you upgrade your property asset which is stated above. When purchasing a vehicle you have to register it after, so you can purchase a vehicle at any created dealership but after you're done you will have to register it at the DMV to have it legally to drive.
    However you can also choose to not register it at all but that's not legal, so it's up to you.
    Vehicle system is connected with house garages, you can store vehicles in your garage or even park them infront of your beautiful house! There's chopshops, scrapyards, and vehicle thieft system but those are IC things so you'll have to figure out yourself in game how do they actually work.

    - And so many more features listed below
  • Player/Vehicle Inventory
  • Housing system.
  • House Furniture/Gun racks.
  • Parking lots.
  • Entrance system.
  • Fire system.
  • Businesses.
  • Business products.
  • Dealership Manager.
  • Loan system.
  • Passport System.
  • Licensing System.
  • And so many more.

Join the discord server to stay updated with the development, we also post screenshots there of what's being done in the gamemode! Invite Link is above!

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