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Setting Up [Zombie Survival]


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Hi, I am looking to set up a server. I've GTA servers on RageMP and other clients for a while now and noticed that there is no major English ZombieRP Survival server. I have played a few myself and find flaws in the server ranging from poor server quality to poor staff teams and service.


I am hoping to offer a great community based around zombie roleplay which provides a good experience and a good staff team that are happy to help. I come from a Garry's Mod background and have owned and developed many of my own servers however I am completely clueless how to script and work with serious coding. I am looking for people who are happy to join me in setting this project up but most importantly I am looking for someone who's happy to develop and work on scripts with me.


I really like the work done on this script: https://rage.mp/files/file/233-ragesurvival/

I think with a script like this it is possible to create something amazing. Please feel free to get in touch for any reasons.😃


My Discord is Visa_#5516 

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