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[C#] CEF not showing


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If someone can tell me why this isn't working, all the other CEFs work, just this one doesn't. It all compiles withour error and when i use /testnotif it sends me a message but does not show CEF. 

Im using this resource:



class Notification : Events.Script
        RAGE.Ui.HtmlWindow NotificationCEF = null;
        public Notification()
            NotificationCEF = new RAGE.Ui.HtmlWindow("package://cs_packages/CEF/popup/popup.html");

            Events.Add("Show_Notif_CEF", ShowNotificationPopup);

        public void ShowNotificationPopup(object[] args)
            ShowCEF((bool)args[0], (string)args[1]);

        public void ShowCEF(bool show, string text = "")
            NotificationCEF.Active = show;

Test command:

        public void CMD_testnotif(Player player)
            NAPI.ClientEvent.TriggerClientEvent(player, "Show_Notif_CEF", true, "Test");
            player.SendChatMessage("Notification test");


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