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Found 6 results

  1. Z8pn


    Version 0.3


    RageZombies (on Github) Zombie Survival Gamemode for RageMP Installation! Prerequisites: MongoDB, NodeJS > 8.0.0 , Intermediate JS Knowledge install all needed packages using npm i "compile" clientside code using watchify client/development/index.js -o client/index.js edit app.js to fit your environment run app.js node app.js run your server About RageZombies was heavily insipred by some of my Zombie Projects on MTA, different Survival/Zombie Games. Most of the Work was strongly influenced by the small community that gathered around the project, therefor special thanks to: Pluz The-Second RiiVu Chmuzy CarloGambino feris without their work i couldn´t have finished some parts Features please take into consideration that all of these are work in progress, meaning they are not finished. Plant System Clothing System Inventory Vehicles Lootable Items Lootable Chests Zombies Weapon Damage Equipment Gathering System Character System Account System Building System Hunger and Thirst Weather System ( Weather Zones ) Animation Sync Object Streamer Contribution If you feel like contribution to this project feel free to send requests. all constributors will be credited. License Please visit License for more information. Contact If you feel like contacting me for whatever reason Steam Discord Github RageMP Resource Credits Thanks to RageMPDev for his Attachment System Thanks to rootcause for his Crouch System and his Scaleform Messages Script Thanks to micaww for Rage-RPC Thanks to Larsf96 for his contribution to the CEFBrowser Class.
  2. Hi guys. I'm working on my own gamemode. In serverside I'am using C# and clientside JS. I've got a blocker development item in my list, and I didnt find any source or example to learn how to make it so: I'm looking for an inventory system with UI (CEF/html,css) with C# serverside and JS clientside. Do you have any source for it? Or just any example to start learning how to make it?
  3. Hey guys. Back in January I've started working on this gamemode. It never seen the light since it was never finished. 8 Jobs: Bus Driver, Pizza Driver, Detective, Lawyer, Car Jacker, Taxi Driver, Trucker (not completed) 2 Factions: Medics and Cops. Has a 'half-dynamic' faction system. Easy to add another one. Inventory with trading. Personal vehicles with unlimited slots that can be bought from the vip store. House system. Clothes system that are saved (Bug: Props aren't seen by other players) YouTube MP3 (Needs another API Token from them) -- you can play music for others, in your vehicle or play a song from youtube in the club for everyone inside. Uses MongoDB for database. Here are the pictures: (They are included in the github repo) Known bugs: After completing the trade, the vehicle keys aren't sent to the new owner. Login buttons sometimes during restarts not being clickable (Had a few windows issues back then, can't prove it was me or smth else) The chat is built inside the Vue Web Application. Sometimes if you spam the chat long enough the last event to unfreeze your character isn't sent. And maybe more. The server didn't had huge bugs but I'm advising you guys to either use it just as a resource or test it from head to toe again before using it on a public server. Feel free to contribute to the gamemode on github if you fix anything. The gamemode language is English. I'm sorry for my grammar mistakes in the gamemode. I'm not a native english speaker. Common bugs & how to fix them
  4. hey Herzlich Willkommen Zurzeit sucht das Projekt nach Developer! du kannst coden und findest GtaV Mega? Dann komm zu uns und genieße ein tolles Team! Wir sind noch im Aufbau, jedoch haben wir schon einige sachen Fertig gescriptet. Wenn du mehr wissen willst , dann tritt doch gerne unseren Discord Server bei! Dort wird genau erklärt worum es geht und was noch alles fertig gemacht werden muss INFO Wie oben genannt besteht das Team aus 4 TestTeam Mitgliedern 2 Admins 2 Projektleitung und 1 im Support soweit mache ich alles alleine und bin sehr überfordert mit vielen dingen deswegen suche ich und mein Team ein sehr sympathischen her/Dame die uns im Bereich DEV unterstützen könnte das Team und ich wollen natürlich nicht jemanden haben der sagt ja heute bin ich hier morgen bin ich wieder weg deswegen am besten nur auf den dc kommen, wenn wirklich Interesse besteht discord : email : [email protected] ts :
  5. Fabio132

    Inventory ?

    English: Hi I,m Fabio Im searching For a Complete Inventory. Can You Create A inventory For me You can Make your name in that Thats for my Roleplay server And I not found Here A complete Inventory Thx For the Help And sorry For my English LG Fabio Deutsch: Hallo ich bin Fabio Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem vollständigen Inventar. Kannst du ein Inventar für mich erstellen? Darin kannst du deinen Namen machen Das ist für meinen Rollenspielserver und ich habe hier kein vollständiges Inventar gefunden Danke für die Hilfe Und sorry für mein Englisch LG Fabio
  6. I would like to build an inventory, but I do not know how I do it the best and how I do that which have a certain weight I would be very happy to answer you thanks