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Found 1 result

  1. Version 1.0.0


    What is this amazing script? You are also able to control the steering (unable to set straight afterwards due to setSteeringAngle not being implemented yet) so you can move the vehicle to the side of the road. If you are an RP server then this is perfect for you! With some wizard maths, the text and position is at the correct end of each car and is based on distance (This has taken over 6 hours to get right). Configuration I have already built in configuration to set whether you can allow it on locked vehicles, low health vehicles, whether the engine is off and certain vehicle classes. These can all be configured in the config section of the file: this.config = { AllowVehicleClass: [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 18], // These are the normal vehicles in the game classes - to disable it, set it to false MaxVehicleCubedSize: 25, // This is the vehicle length * width - as an idea an ambulance is 21 LockHandbrakeProtection: false, // If set - you can't push a locked vehicle (Theft prevention or ditching cars) EngineProtection: false, // If set - you can only push if the enginer is turned off VehicleHealthProtection: false, // Must be less than 1000 or false which de-activates checking vehicle health PushEventName: false, // Set this to send an event to your server with the relevant Vehicle and Player attached (ie 'pushing_car') LabelsDisplayed: true, // Show labels near the pushing positions when close enough DebugPositions: false, // View pushing positions as markers so they are more visible AllowVehicleSteering: true, // Allows the player to turn the wheels of the vehicle using A and D keys } In Action To see how it looks working just checkout: Questions Lastly if you have any questions feel free to give me a shout on discord (wdoyle2) or respond in the comment section. This is currently not on github but more than happy to post it for any future pull requests.