Weapon Tint Sync 1.0.0

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About This File

This resource provides serverside weapon tint API for developers and syncs applied weapon tints.



  • Put the files you downloaded in their respective places
  • Add require('weapontints') to client_packages/index.js
  • All done


Serverside API

PRO TIP: Check RAGEMP Wiki for tints.

 * Sets the tint of the player's specified weapon.
 * @param {Number} weaponHash The weapon hash.
 * @param {Number} tintIndex  The tint index.
 * @throws {TypeError} If any of the arguments is not a number.
player.setWeaponTint(weaponHash, tintIndex);

 * Gets the tint of the player's specified weapon.
 * @param  {Number} weaponHash The weapon hash.
 * @returns {Number}           Tint of the specified weapon.
 * @throws {TypeError} If weaponHash argument is not a number.

 * Returns an object that contains all weapon tints of the player. Key: weapon hash | Value: tint index
 * @returns {Object}

 * Resets tints of the player's all weapons.


Example Commands

These are the commands I used while testing this script.

// Example: /settint carbinerifle 3
mp.events.addCommand("settint", (player, _, weapon, tint) => {
    weapon = mp.joaat(`weapon_${weapon}`);
    tint = Number(tint);

    player.setWeaponTint(weapon, tint);

// Example: /gettint carbinerifle
mp.events.addCommand("gettint", (player, _, weapon) => {
    const weaponHash = mp.joaat(`weapon_${weapon}`);
    player.outputChatBox(`Tint of ${weapon}: ${player.getWeaponTint(weaponHash)}`);

mp.events.addCommand("resettints", (player) => {



  1. If there are any reproducible bugs, feel free to report them.
  2. This resource will be obsolete after 0.4's weapon attachment/customization API arrives.
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