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This should save you some time writing your own syncing when it comes to using player.setClothes() for values over 255 until 1.0 gets released. The download has example scenarios/commands you can use.

Serverside Functions:

player.changeClothes(Number componentId, Number drawable, Number texture, Bool save, Bool sync)

Save parameter:

By setting this to true the script will remember these values and re-apply these when using player.resetClothes()

Sync parameter:

If you set this parameter to false the clothes will only be applied on the target client.

Set this to true and everyone will see the clothes!



This GIF has both save and sync parameter set to false to preview the selected item before actually purchasing it. Once purchased, both save and sync are set to true to remember the purchased item and to sync it to all other clients



And this GIF shows the same interaction but from the other client


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