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RageMP loads 0.3.7 instead of 1.1 since the latest GTA V update (2021/March)


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Hi! If i connect to my server from localhost / my game will load RageMP 1.1, and I can connect, but if I connect from 192.168.xx.xx or an external IP adress, It'll load 0.3.7, then the sever kicks me due client version mismatch.
I even tried with another server, from another PC, but nothing worked.
If I start the 1.1 Rage, then connect from an external IP adress It'll start to load the server files, but I get this error and the game crashes, and the server writes this to the console:

[N] Incoming connection from
[N] has been disconnected.


My conf.json:


    "maxplayers" : 100,

    "name" : "RAGE:MP Unofficial server", 

    "gamemode" : "freeroam", 

    "stream-distance" : 500.0,

    "announce" : false,

    "csharp" : "enable",

    "enable-http-security" : false,

    "port": 22005




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