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undefined:0: Error


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Hey all, 

Wondering if someone can help me solve this the moment the client files download and it starts up into the server I get the following Error:



I have uninstalled and reinstalled rage, I have done the same with the game not sure what else I can do? Any idea are help I'll be so grateful! 

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Only reason I suggested that was on a server I'm helping to develop, one of our admins also gets this error sometimes and usually when he relaunches it'll go away. Unsure why it happens or what sets it off or what it's supposed to mean. You could try clearing out the client_resources folder of the server you're trying to join and redownload the files again and see if that does anything.

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So I have ran into this issue as well. I found that uninstalling rage.mp and reinstalling it fixes the issue, but once I go and try to rejoin I get the error again. Has anyone found a reason for this issue or maybe a solid perm fix?

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I'm having same problem at the moment and can't play. I've been trying to restart the game for last two hours and no luck. I've tried different things but non of them worked. I changed game resolution and got another error, after I closed it got same old undefined:0 error again. 




Is there any other solution what I should try?

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I am having the same problem. undefined0; error comes up every time I touch my mouse or keyboard... I am running Windows 8.1. I set ragemp.exe compatibility to Windows 8 and granted administrator access. The error still occurs...

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