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Hey there guys!

I recently created some docker images for the RageMP server for a project where I am involved at. In the project, we currently use those Docker images to deploy test-servers in our infrastructure.

The main advantage of the Docker image is that the RageMP server can be run on any operation system - regardless of whether it is Windows, some Linux distribution or MacOS. You simply can deploy your Docker container with Docker everywhere.
Furthermore, you can build upon the given Docker images by copying your binaries or source files into the base Docker container. That is the how [email protected] deploy our testing server.
See the Docker reference for more information on Docker itself (

Of course, our Docker images are available at DockerHub (nevermind that DockerHub is a bit slow compared to, too:

I've created two seperate Docker images:
The first image, which is basically just the plain RageMP server without any bridge or whatsoever (see the Links below).
The second image, which is the RageMP server plus the C# bridge (see the Links below).

Side note: Both Docker images use the base Docker image "debian:stretch" and so the RageMP server is run on Debian Stretch in both images.

If you want to know, how we use Docker images in production, visit the GitHub repository of our project (see the server repository in the Links below).
Our server files are OpenSource. This means, also you can use our files if you publish your changes under the same license in public. If want to get in touch with our projects concepts and ideas, see the readme files of our repositories. Our project currently only focuses on German speaking players.

If you want to contribute to our project, then go right ahead. Otherwise, have a great day with our Docker images.



Docker image for the default RageMP server:
Docker image for the bridged RageMP server:
Our project on GitHub:
Our server repository on GitHub:


P.S.: if there is any problem with uploading the RageMP server files to a public mirror like DockerHub, please message me so that I can take those images offline.

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Awesome! Was just about to set this up on Docker myself. Thanks

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Hey there, everyone!

I released a new update for the Docker images!
Now it is possible to set server config options with Docker environment variables. For more information on which environment variables are available, take look @ the ""-file (

Quick start:

docker pull eisengrind/ragemp-server:1.1-
docker run -it eisengrind/ragemp-server:1.1-


docker pull eisengrind/ragemp-server-with-bridge:1.1-
docker run -it eisengrind/ragemp-server-with-bridge:1.1-


More information can be found @


~ Vincent

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