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Grand Theft Auto has stopped working after joining a Rage Server


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Hello and good Evening.. 


My friend does have a major problem since the new Launcher for GTA released. She is running GTA on Steam


First she had many error Codes like : GTA.exe is not working..bla bla bla , so the game wouldnt start for her

but we got that fixed eventually by giving launcher.exe and launcherupdater.exe admin rights and now GTA starts without problems in Singleplay and Multiplayer.

Now the thing is if she tries to join a Rage Server after she hits Direct Connect or joining the Server via Server List, Launcher loads up starts Rage Multiplayer and then she got a Blackscreen following a Error Message saying : Grand Theft Auto 5 has stopped working.


We tried un/reinstalling Rage like 5 times but it didnt work.

Deactivating Firewall and Antivirus also doesnt fix.

Verifying the Game Cache via Steam doesnt fix it 


I simply dont know what to do anymore due to the fact that im not a "PC Expert" and sorry if my English sucks im trying my best :D so i hope anyone of you gentle people might know a solution to this problem.. if so,  please reply.. :)


kindest Regards.

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Same,nothing can't help even with I played 2 days ago,my pc can take GTA 5 on max graphics so why I have problems,I tried everything and black screen with crash error.

And why none are ready to fix this,at least they can answer something with this problem

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