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[ENG] Grand Theft Auto V: Underworld Roleplay

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Grand Theft Auto V: Underworld Roleplay

Our main goal is to provide a medium-level Roleplay environment while making sure there's enough action to go around. This means we're strict on the level of roleplay while still providing action through turfs, business robberies and runs of many kinds. 



No application needed!
We know you want to jump into the server right away without having to wait days before you get accepted. That's why we have no applications. To still guarantee a decent level of RP, players will take a short quiz after creating their account. You will still be able to play if you fail the quiz, you will just get a certain status that allows the staff to see that you might be in need of help, plus you will be limited in what you can do (such as joining a faction). You will of course be able to re-take the quiz later.

Voice & Text RP
The server will start out as a text-RP server, with perhaps the possibility to use voice over radio and phone calls. However, if the majority of the community desires voice, we'll add it straight away.



Factions & Gameplay
There will of course be an LSPD faction, as well as illegal factions such as Italian (The Soprano Family), Russian and/or Irish mobs, gangs and MC's (Hounds of Hell). For those who love ARMA, there's a San Andreas Armed Forces faction if you want to be part of the army. In a later stage, depending on the size of the player base, factions such as Government and FIB might get added. The server will focus heavily on factions and rivalry between them.

Faction properties & components:

  • HeadQuarter(s)
  • Warehouse
  • Weapon Factory OR drug lab
  • Vehicle Warehouse
  • Uniforms
  • Turfs



Menu's, menu's, menu's
We've put almost every single command into a native UI menu for you so you don't have to memorize every command on the server. If you want to execute a command quickly, you can still use the old fashioned way by typing /<command>.



Release Date
At the moment we have no release date set, yet! We are working hard to get the server running but there is still a lot to do. We're still looking for front-end developers for the User Control Panel and custom In-Game designs, as well as C# developers! If you're interested, you can join our discord server and talk to Ace.



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