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CEF React doesnt work


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Hello everyone! Who can tell, I created a view using a react, assembled my project and inserted the assembly into the client package folder, then I registered a new browser in the file index and the path to my index.html and run server, but the cef does not want to be displayed.
What am I doing wrong?

And if I run a local web server when developing a react, then I can turn to it by specifying the path of the localhost:3000, but in all the assemblies that I saw there they indicated the path using the package:// ..
I don’t understand why I can’t do also

This is what my catalog looks like:

File index.js


File gamemode/index.js

mp.events.add('guiReady', () => {
    mp.gui.chat.push("Hello world!")
    browser = mp.browsers.new('package://CEF/build/index.html')

Folder CEF/build:


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I've bumped into the same problem. It seems to me like i'm missing something in a principies of the comunication beetween components in the Rage MP. 
Is it correct to run React app on a server on some socket ? 
How does client connect with React application ?
Please, help.
Thanks in advance !

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