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[C# Clientside] FileStream error


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Hey everyone,


I encountered a problem which I was not able to find a solution to solve my issue. I want to use a JObject parsed from a .json file.

I used FileStreams and StreamReaders for that and got the error "C# filestreams could not be used" on login on the client side.

My code is:

public static JObject GetClothData(Sex sex)
  string plainText = string.Empty;
  using (FileStream fs = File.OpenRead($"Clothes{(sex == Sex.Male ? "M" : "F")}.json"))
    using (StreamReader sw = new StreamReader(fs))
      plainText = sw.ReadToEnd();
  return JObject.Parse(plainText);

Is there anything to do in advance to allow filestreams or are there any workarounds? (e.g. in JS I can require a json file)


Thanks in advance!


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