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[BUG] Rage MP C# Server-Side 1.1: Missing Methods


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Good day. I recently decided to migrate my server to a newer version of RageMP (up to 1.1) and ran into the problem of missing some methods (methods related to ColShape, TextLabel and Blip's).
I know for sure that version 1.1 is installed on the RageMP client and server: the client logs into the server without any problems and the server supports NetCore 3.1.
When starting a server with a connected resource, this error occurs:




At the same time, the server works without problems and you can go to it - the function for creating Blip simply does not work.

Then I tried to replace Bootstrapper.dll on the server (in the runtime folder) with Bootstrapper.dll from a C # project. And this measure helped, but not completely: this time the server was creating a Blip (there was no error during creation and it was displayed on the minimap), but an error occurred when calling the NAPI.ColShape.IsPointWithinColshape method.




Then I found out that the original Bootstrapper.dll files (before replacing the one described above) are different on the server and in the project:



In this case, the project uses this version of the API:


Please help me solve this problem.

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