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Found 7 results

  1. Los Angeles Cops and Robbers Introduction Always wanted to get into a police chase? Kidnap random people and hold them for ransom? Or maybe do a bank heist with a couple of friends? Or perhaps you prefer to be on the other side of the law and wish to be a police officer? Or join the FBI/CIA? It's all possible on Los Angeles Cops and Robbers! Discord If you wish to join, please head over to our discord and follow the steps in #rage-mp-instructions to connect to the server! Or, if you don't want to join yet another discord server, simply start up the RageMP Launcher, go to Servers tab and search for "Los Angeles Cops and Robbers". Screenshots(Imgur gallery) Trailer Coming soon! Features Los Angeles Cops & Robbers is, instead of a roleplay-like cops and robbers gamemode, primarily focussed on a deathmatch-like cops and robbers gamemode. This means that deathmatching is encouraged and randomly attacking other civilians/cops/etc is completely allowed without any consequences whatsoever(aside from getting a wanted level and having cops chase after you). And even though there is voice chat, saying things like "Pull over!" or "Hands up!" while in a police chase will most likely result in gunshots fired back at you. Classes There are several classes to choose from, each class has it's own purpose and set of abilities. Civilian Jobs There are several (criminal) jobs to choose from as a civilian: Mechanic Repair vehicles, find vehicles nearby, and flip vehicles if they're upside down. Hacker Hack PCs around LA or join up with friends to form a heist crew and hack your way into a bank vault. Kidnapper Kidnap other players and hold them for ransom. Or simple cause you don't like them Hitman Complete contracts that have been put on other players' heads and earn money. Terrorist Plant C4 wherever you want to blow up whatever you want. Can also blow up the prison gates in order to free it's prisoners. Store Robberies/Hacking As a civilian you can rob almost any store around LA, each store usually has 1 or 2 cash registers to be emptied, and in addition to that certain stores also have a safe that can be looted for more money. In addition to that you can purchase a duffelbag at the Mega Mall in order to double your earnings from cash registers and safes. As a hacker one can also hack PCs around LA to transfer money to their own bank accounts. Bank Heists There are several banks around LA ready to be plundered by the most elite players. Doing a bank heist can be risky but is also very rewarding. Mega Mall All those criminal activities require certain goodies, these can be bought at the Mega Mall. Ropes Scissors C4 Kirby Grips Hacking Gear Scuba Gear Duffelbag Police As a police officer it's your duty to keep LA's most wanted criminals off the street and send them to prison. Arresting players will earn money depending on their wanted level. Medic A medic's duty is to heal other players when they're injured, or perhaps this could be used to aid criminals in escaping the police? FBI An FBI agent is generally the same as a police officer. However should it be necessary, an FBI agent can kick down the front door of a criminal's house should they be hiding in there. CIA In addition to the abilities of a police officer, a CIA agent can also shoot an EMP at a criminal's vehicle in order to temporarily shutdown their vehicle's engine Vehicle Dealerships There are currently 4 dealerships, each has their own pool of vehicles for sale. Every 30 - 90 minutes the vehicles currently on display will change, so keep your eye out for that one rare vehicle you've been saving up money for! Vehicle Tuning Instead of the default "drive into modshop and tune your vehicle with a simple menu and pick all the best upgrades", we've decided to go for a different approach. There are vehicle parts scattered around the map that can be found and picked up, once a player owns a vehicle part they can then apply this to their vehicle. There are several rarities for each part, these are listed below. The higher the rarity, the better the part, the more difficult it'll be to find that part. Legendary Epic Rare Uncommon Common Houses A player can purchase a house and set their spawning location to that house. A player can also part their vehicles at this house so when they respawn after death they can instantly grab their favorite car and take off! House Features House buying and selling House name change Password-lock your house Change house interior Set spawn location to your house Locate your house with an automated GPS waypoint Vehicles A player can purchase vehicles are the dealerships, once bought the player will never lose it(not even when it gets destroyed). Vehicle Features Park your vehicle at your house Lock your vehicle so only you can drive it Change vehicle color Change vehicle numberplate Tune your vehicle with the parts that can be found scattered around the map View the vehicle parts you've found Locate your vehicle with an automated GPS waypoint Respawn your vehicle at the location you parked it at LA Insecure Savings & Loan(Bank) The bank can be used to transfer your money to a secure location so other players can't rob it from you. Deposit money Withdraw money Miscellaneous Features Rob other players View your personal stats Send money to other players via a simple command Send private messages to other players Purchase weapons at an Ammu-Nation Harass the police Voice Chat Day/Nighttime cycle(each hour in-game is ~1 minute in real life) Events Random weather changes Custom Vehicles such as the legendary 1969 Dodger Charger R/T, Mclaren P1 and more! SA-MP Like Deathlog Place a hit on someone that annoys you, or simply because you want to, and watch him/her being chased by hitmen.
  2. Здравствуйте, впервые завожу тему, так что возможно мой вопрос будет не по адресу, но всё же... Начал играть на сервере White, сервер постоянно недоступен, вылетает и т.д. (возможно я далеко от сервера нахожусь, возможно что то ещё), прошу перенести персонажа на сервер Black, играть хочу, но не удаётся, заново качать персонажа желания нет, заранее спасибо
  3. Есть ли здесь среди форумчан такие извращенцы которые запускали сервер на маке? Если да, то как Вы смогли развернуть среду разработки Rage MP update ? Дома бываю редко, нет возможности сидеть за ПК, но Мак всегда собой
  4. Du hast Lust an einem innovativen Projekt mitzuwirken? Dann ist jetzt deine Chance gekommen! Was ist V: Deathmatch? V: Deathmatch ist ein Deutscher Deathmatch Server für den RAGE Multiplayer, welcher sich derzeitig noch in der Entwicklung befindet. Wir haben sehr viele Ideen für verschiedenen Spielmodi, aber nur mit deiner Unterstützung lassen sich all diese Ideen auch umsetzen. Was suchen wir? Tester, die mit uns auf Bugsuche gehen und somit aktiv an der Entwicklung teilnehmen können Supporter, die den Spielern helfen und Meldungen nachgehen Voraussetzungen Mind. 16 Spielstunden Keine (aktiven) Warns Mind. 18 Jahre Discord Account Mikrofon & Kopfhörer Hilfsbereit Neutral (du solltest neutral handeln können) Kontakt Forum: Discord: