Efficient Attachment Sync 1.0.4

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About This File

Most of the server developers (ones that don't patiently wait for *something large*, though this resource is powerful enough) use their own server-side object attachments implementation that represents some large JSON with all the object and attachment information. This resource lets you cache "static attachments" in the client-side code so thanks to efficient utilization of the shared data it just uses a small shared variable to do the attachment processing without any need to create server-side objects nor send its data.


For example, if you want to attach a specific object to specific ped bone with spefic bone offset and object rotation, this will only use a ~4-8 byte shared variable keeping it accurate. User-made implementations I have seen before usually take ~100 bytes per an object.


API: Client-side

  • mp.attachmentMngr.register(attachmentId, model, bone, offset, rotation)
  • mp.attachmentMngr.addLocal(attachmentId) (synced!)
  • mp.attachmentMngr.removeLocal(attachmentId) (synced!)


API: Server-side

  • player.addAttachment(attachmentId, remove)
  • player.hasAttachment(attachmentId)


Example Resource

There's an example resource in /client-packages/epic-attachments folder. It lets you toggle attachments (there are like 30 attachments) using a NativeUI-based menu. Thanks to root for his contributions made to the example resource.




What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


Bug fix

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Quick thing to be fixed, at line 9 on clientside you get a error message when trying to use .hasOwnProperty if the entity.__attachmentObjects variable isn't set, just need to check if the variable exists before adding Local:

  if(!entity.__attachmentObjects || !entity.__attachmentObjects.hasOwnProperty(id))

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