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RPF Packager for Mapping 1.0.1

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About This File

Get the latest release always from: https://github.com/test137E29B/RPF-Packager/releases


A utility for automatically creating RPF files for Map Mods. This will not work for vehicle mods (yet)


This tool uses PKG for NodeJS, so you will not need to install everything.



In the input folder, create a folder with the name you want your DLC Pack to have, for example MYDLCPack. This has to be unique as it'll be used as the DLC hashname etc.

In your newly created folder, place all the files you would normally place inside the replacement.rpf, such as .ymap, .ytyp, .ydr and so on.

Run index.exe to package your DLC Pack (You can create multiple folders and package multiple DLC Packs at once!)

In output you will find your folder with a dlc.rpf inside of it. The tool will have automatically generated all the files it needs, so you do not need to edit this rpf! :)

You can use these DLC Packs in RageMP 1.1 without affixing, or RageMP 0.3 with affixing via RageMp's plugin, or manually. These have not been tested with Base GTA V, but should be fine without affixing.


It doesn't work and crashes!

This is a bug with GTAUtil currently that doesn't work sometimes. To fix this:

- Create your own dlc.rpf inside OpenIV,
- Copy the setup2.xml and content.xml from the created dlc.rpf from RPF-Packager.
- Create a replacement.rpf inside your new dlc.rpf
- Place your original files into the replacement.rpf you just created (not the ones from RPF-Packagers dlc)
This should now load in the game, seems to be an issue in GTAUtil where it corrupts the actual files inside the rpf in rare cases, hopefully they fix soon :))


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Adding steps for fixing GTAUtil bug

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thank you bro, u saved my head

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Wow very good 5 stars, beast developer, why can I review my own resource

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This application saved me a lot of time. I don't have to go though all the trouble to convert maps. The application's developer is very nice and helpful. Program is simple and easy to use I recommend it to everyone. 10/10

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beasttttt thank you!

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Very good

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