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Hi. To begin with, excuse me for my English.

I share my resource for playing the animation.

You can find animation on request.

I wrote it primarily for myself, do not blame me for nothing. Сan anyone need.

My resource is like Animation Viewer by Hazes but use another base and written in pure js.

How to install:

  • UnZip the file in  server-files.

How to use:

  • Use ~ or /animplayer to browse gui.
  • /animplayer [request] for find animations coinciding with request.
  • /animplayer  [dist / dist+name] for find animation with id = dist and type = name.
  • /animflag [up/down/number] increase, decrease, or set the flag for animation
  • Use LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to cycle through (dist) animations.
  • Use CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to cycle through (dist) 100 animations at once.
  • Use SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to cycle through (dist) 10 animations at once.
  • Use UP/DOWN arrow keys to cycle (name) animations.
  • Use CTRL + UP/DOWN for  increase or decrease flag.
  • Use BACKSPACE to reset the search list.
  • Use SPACE to play animation if you change parameter AnimPlayer.autoPlay in resource


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Yes, i know but and I do not want to be a competitor to him. My modification is aimed at finding animations. Firstly on request. 

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