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It's a great pleasure to inform you that the DreamWorld community continues to grow. As the Rockstar team announced GTA 5, we started thinking about creating a roleplay server on GTA 5 and with the creation of rage-mp it is finally possible to get a fun and stable GTA 5 roleplay experience.

DreamWorld was created in 2010 and at one point it topped up to 1000/1000 players on a daily basis with 100.000 registered accounts. The samp server is still up and running, however we want to offer more possibilities for roleplay and even better roleplay experience on GTA 5 in 2019 and therefore the creation of a strong GTA 5 community that will keep growing even more. It's a great opportunity to take a part in leading this community and I can only announce that there are a lot of surprises coming. So stay with us and we wish you to have a great time on DreamWorld GTA 5 roleplay!




Every player who creates an account can create two characters and start off with a real life simulation.


You may join any available factions and become a member or you may create your own factions. There is diferent types of factions such as:

Legal factions: Police Department, Government, Fire Department, State taxi and News.

You may also create your own factions such as organized crime, gang factions and so on.


Every player's goal is to make money, so we created interesting jobs to earn some money, all jobs have different skills and earning with your work you will earn points as well. 

-Delivery job

- Mechanic

- Fisherman

- Farmer

- Chemist

-Garbage collector


House: You can buy your own house, there is a diferent types of houses you may own, every house can be designed by your own decisions and models.

Business: There is diferent types of business, you may own them and earn money and you can use them as costumers and buy products.

Business Type: Store 24/7, Tatto Shop, Clothes Shop, Electronics Shop, Jewelry Shop, Gas Station, Store.

Trucker Freight Forwarding: You may buy your own trucks and start working in your own trucker company, you can also employ drivers who can drive your truck for you and earn money for your company.

Vehicle ownership:

Every player can own vehicles.

Every vehicle you own will a have diferent plate.

Voice Chat:

With this opportunity we allow players to communicate IC via voice chat when they are near you.



-Character Invertory

-Vehicle Invertory

-House Invertory




-Character Injured System


-Driving School

-Rent Vehicle

The server is not opened yet, but we're in the works for it. Stay tuned on our https://discord.gg/9zYc8k8 and make sure to visit us! 
Forum: https://www.dw-game.com/forum/index.php



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On 3/30/2019 at 9:02 PM, DreamWorld said:

DreamWorld was created in 2010 and at one point it topped up to 1000/1000 players on a daily basis with 50.000 registered accounts.

Was this server called something else? I spent the entirety of my teenage years playing SA-MP. The top servers were 1) Russian or 2) LSPD or NGG. I don't specifically remember a DreamWorld server, nor do I remember a server by that name hitting 1000 players. I remember places like UIF getting a thousand. I even remember USRP getting quite a good bit as well as SARP. However, I don't remember an English RP server surpassing NGRP or LSRP. Hell, I remember most of the ENG RP servers back then. The server looks awesome, I just think some of the historical data may be skewed. 

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