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Gas Station




Trade System

Tool Shop

Electronic Shop


Our goal is to make more realistic and RP game as well with this script all GTA V house interiors were upgraded. Moreover, you will not be able to have a view as you are on the 30th floor into house with 3 (three) floors



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Server Release Date
We, as a team are happy to announce that the server has finally gotten a release date for the beta branch phase #1
opening. The opening of the server is on 1-November 2019.
We would like to thank all the players and all the people for patiently waiting for the server to finally open.
Also, we would like to thank all the admins for helping in the testing process and who communicated about our
server during these last few months. Without our team, nothing would've been possible.
A great appreciation goes to the Legal and Illegal Faction Team for helping our community grow with
all the recruitments in the Government and all the other Factions. The Factions are the core of the Roleplay, so being prepared ahead of time is a major factor of the success of the server itself. We personaly think that we have an amazing team helping our community grow, so we are beyond thankfull for that.
What will happen on the opening of the server?
At the start, factions will be given to the accepted players that applied for a certain role in a certain faction.
You will have an option to make 2 characters on one account. When you enter the server, your time begins, your Roleplay life on the server is starting. You have all the options to grow your character and make changes to the community. All the things related with the server are displayed here
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