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server-side streaming question [important]


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Hello everyone!¬†ūüôā


First of all, i'm a random gta v modder and i'm very new to rage mp.

I mod gta and many many games for few years.

Before i was using other multiplayer modification which was mostly client-sided. I wasn't fan of it and community was so helpful that forced me to find better alternative. 

Then i heard a lot of good things about this app and it's possibilities from a friend of mine so i thought it would be nice to make my own server using rage mp. 

I saw on youtube that rage mp is everything from scratch: no traffic, npc's and so on.

I know there is a wiki with "how to set up a server" and tutorials how to write functions & scripts but since i'm not programmer and never tried it, would like to ask if there any more friendly ways to make it work with your content on server?

Like:  traffic, scenarios (if it's possible), maps, graphics, weather, sounds (add-on too), new vehicles (add-on) / replace (working modkit in both cases?), scripts (what kind of?), peds, props etc. ?  


Here are some file formats i would like to know if they are working or not:

.yft .ydr .ytd .ipl .ymt .ybn .dat .awc .rel .xml .meta

and of course the most important if i can stream gameconfig.xml and main vehicles.meta (vanilla)


I've searched on the forum what type of files can be streamed server-side but didn't found an answer. Rage mp supports streaming .rpf's ?

If yes it would be great since I know rockstar limitations of loading files outside of .rpf (famous 16mb). I also need to know what are the limitations of this multiplayer. Tell me everything u know about it.

If some of the things i mentioned above are¬†not working or are¬†actually¬†in progress & plans, please let me know. I'm really looking forward for further updates!¬†ūüėÉ

Ps. Sorry if the whole topic looks like a mess and sorry for my bad english.


Greetings, RageVision.




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Here are some resources that you might find interesting, keep in mind that both Discord and the Search Option are important features of RAGE that you can use to find most "FAQs" answered by other community members:

[TUTORIAL] How to add .ymaps into your server (client-sided stable mapping!)

How to Affix Vehicle Addon Mods

Also, worth mentioning that this might not work for the version you're currently looking (or they might you know the drill, they're reference material). I'm positive the How to Affix Vehicle Addons Mods thread should still be working.

Also.. worth mentioning (x2) that i'm merely another bystander and have zero to none experience with RAGE itself (Still learning my way around) so any Technical questions might be better for RAGE's Discord (or even Stuyk's Discord, you can search that if you are smart enough).

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I'm currently working at editing houses to walk through doors and stuff and i'm at a point where i need to know if you actually can load files like

Am 27.4.2019 um 19:17 schrieb RageVision:

.yft .ydr .ytd .ipl .ymt .ybn .dat .awc .rel .xml .meta

I couldn't find a solution on how to load edited houses properly, nor could I find out if rage can load this kind of files at all. Already asked in the discord but nobody could help there, too.

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