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Found 6 results

  1. GamingMaster


    Version 18w48a


    NativeUI for RageMP! This can only be used Clientside! Documentation: Click Github: Click
  2. Version 1.0.0


    n0minal's Interior Browser Hello Dear Ragers, Today I bring you guys a simple - but useful - browser for interiors to preview. I spent something like ~2 hours to make it, so it might contain bugs, if you find a bug please post it in here or contact me by PM and I'll fix it as soon as possible. Commands ⌨️ There are two commands (and binds for it): /interior (or shortened: /i): Loads the Interior Browser menu, in which you can interact and select an interior to preview. /leave (or shortened: /l): Leaves the current interior and gets teleported back to your first position when you called the browser for the first time. The Script 📰 Download the .zip file and extract it inside your client-packages folder, after that, create (or edit) a index.js file in your client_packages root folder with the following content: //requires interior-browser package require("interior-browser"); and you're ready to go! Github Link: That's all, See you on the next release!
  3. Kar

    NativeUI Improved

    Version 1.0.0


    Improvements over the previous nativeui: Added `UIMenuDynamicListItem`. Descriptions are no longer cut off at 99 characters, but now support 99 * 3. `UIMenuListItem` and `UIMenuSliderItem` can now store extra data. Improved description line wrapping. Description caption is now only updated when necessary. Description background is now only updated (recalculated) when necessary. Bettered the position of the left arrow for list items. Added new badges (Sale, Arrows and Voice Icons). Added `Menu.RemoveItem(item: UIMenuItem)`. When binding an item to a menu, automatically add that item if it isn't in the menu items list already. Added `MenuOpen` event when `menu.Visible` is changed. When hovering over the currently selected ListItem's title text, the cursor will be MiddleFinger, just like in the original menus. `GoLeft` and `GoRight` now correctly handles disabled items. Added experimental automated menu pool system (It's a bit effy right now). MENUS ARE NO LONGER SHOWN BY DEFAULT. Added `closeChildren: boolean = false` parameter to `menu.Close()`. An optional parameter specifiing whether or not you want to close all children with the menu. NOTE BRIEFLY: The description and optimization updates for me saved over 20-30 FPS while a menu is open. You might want to be careful with menu pools right now. I haven't went deep into it but for simple menu pools it works GREAT. `MenuClose` event is NOT emitted when Visible is set to false. This is to allow users to reopen menus at it's same state, for e.g searching through a store. The GitHub will not match the file here. So please download the file from GitHub (dist/index.ts) or compile it yourself.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Simple cloth menu, you can open it by pressing F2. This script requires NativeUI library, download it from the resources tab. It's my first resource, do not expect too much.
  5. Hey im new with RageMP i was developping on FiveM before and i make an admin menu and so.. i have a question There is a way with NativeUI to do something like if UIMenuItem is Pressed then execute Function if yes how can i do because every ways i saw with nativeui was only in Boolean.....
  6. davidsl6


    Version 1.0.0


    Need some dialog menus with 2 buttons, for example to show user your server's rules and 2 buttons, "accept" and "not accept"? DialogUI can help you with that! Example of using: const dialogUILib = require('dialogui'); // Load the library var dialog = new dialogUILib.DialogUI("My Title", ["Row number 1", "Row number 2","Row number 3"], "Left Button", "Right Button"); // Make a new instance of dialogUI.; // Show the dialog Your players use enter and escape keys? DialogUI support them. You can know which button is pressed by using the OnDialogResponse client-side event, which have 1 parameter of type Boolean, which indicate if the left button pressed.